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Bayteck Training Academy

Bayteck Training academy was established during 1996 and received DOL approval on training and material. Training accreditations received from HWSETA, TETA, SASSETA, CETA, Services SETA, SAQCC and EDTP. 

Since then we have trained 5.5 million students in the different accredited unit standards. 

If we look at amount of students trained - some of which - started with introduction and ended up with advanced training as well as the feedback from the different SETAS we know with our market research that our standards as prescribed by SAQA is of the highest in Africa.  Students were developed through education and knowledge and have been employed on a full-time basis.

We will uphold the standard and strive to educate all our students in a professional manner with high ethics and respect. Our third skills development programme has just been approved and we are very happy to pronounce that we educate students and that they are making a career out of occupation health and safety to help reduce poverty and create jobs. 

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