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Do you know what to do in the following scenario?

A qualified learner will be capable of:

  • identifying different types of fires
  • explain and practices fire prevention
  • operating basic fire fighting equipment
  • perform basic fire fighting procedures

Purpose: A learner credited with this standard will be capable of identifying, containing, preventing, and extinguishing different types of fires by operating basic fire fighting equipment.

Accreditation: This course is a fully SAQA / HWSETA Accredited course and is based on SAQA Unit Standard Number 13961. Entry Level is level 2 (Grade 12, English)

1. Combustion (Tetrahedron) of fire.
2. Transmission of heat.
3. Classification of fires.
4. Fire fighting mediums.
5. Fire Prevention.
6. Causes of fires: Electricity, Machinery, Static Electricity, Flammable liquids, Gasses, Housekeeping
7. Practical use of Hose Reel, Fire Hydrant and Hand wheel Fire Extinguishers.

For the Fire Marshall Training - Evacuation
1. Planning
2. Objectives
3. Considerations
4. Procedures
5. Marshall teams
6. Actions when trapped in a building
7. Practical use of hand held Fire Fighting Equipment. 

Duration: 3 days

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